Tutorial: Help, I need to create a poster! – New impulses and practical tips

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ID518Sun 08.09.24 | 9 am – 6 pmDM. PobirukhinHeilbronn University, Heilbronn


Sooner or later, researchers are confronted with the task of designing a scientific poster for a conference, project presentation or pitch, etc. Unfortunately, there is usually not enough time in the institute’s daily routine to deal intensively with the aspects of design. Often the templates of colleagues are used and adapted or the template of the institution is forced to be used – sometimes with rather moderate success and a certain frustration sets in: Why doesn’t it just look “nice” or “chic”? Is there any more modern way? Does there have to be so much text?

This tutorial is particularly suitable for young researchers who have to create a poster for the first time, but also for anyone looking for new input for their poster (design).

This tutorial is intended to teach the basics of designing scientific posters. A brief foray into the theories and principles of information design lays the foundation for the following presentation of best practices in poster creation. Using concrete practical examples, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of scientific posters. Newer approaches such as billboard-style posters and the differentiation from information graphics are also discussed.

Participants can send me their own poster designs in advance of the tutorial. These will be discussed during the tutorial and you will receive valuable feedback and tips for any revisions. Depending on the wishes of the participants, we can also revise posters together. Those who wish can bring their own laptop with the software of their choice (PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc.) and apply what they have learned directly in the course.

Participants receive a script that covers all the content in a compact format.

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